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Sandra Jones

I'd love to see you in America's Finest City - San Diego, CA!


Keeping it HOT in 2011!! Continue to let your beauty shine inside and out, and bless us with your amazing voice. Much love...


Anise - I love your music! Let me know when and where I can purchase. I am so happy for you!!

Terrance Gates

OMG! You are just NICE!

Brian Wilson

Keep the tunes coming!!!

Jason Hall

Do your thang Anise! Much Love!

Marcya Daneille

Hey girl! Love the new site! Divalicous! XOXO

Deb Knotts

Anise - I am excited for you beyond expression truly have such a gift ...many blessings to you always! With love, Deb

Herman White

I always hoped that you would reach for the stars through your music. It's apparent that you have touched the galaxies. Keep your sights set even higher. Love, Dad

Ja'Donna Dowd

What can I say about you that you don't already know. You are FABULOS inside and out. Can't wait for the rest of the WORLD to know what I already know. Great Thing are Ahead for you. Keep Your Head Up and Stay Strong My Love. Peace & Great Blessings To You.

Olivia Scott

Get it girl! Love your music and everything you are doing. Keep it groovin and moving. Much love and success I wish you all the prosperity God has in store for you!


Loving the new website.... Reach for the stars, they are yours to grab. Love IT & YOU!